Our doctors and staff believe in giving back to the community and caring for the eyes of all those in need. Our eye doctors provide exams at no charge for many local organizations every week. In addition, many of our staff members have participated in community outreach, both locally and globally, through the OneSight Program.

Here are just a few of the organizations and causes we support:

Surfers for Autism: Is a nonprofit whose mission is to unlock the potential of people with developmental delays, support advocacy for autism issues and scientific research.

Palm Beach School for Autism: The Mission of Palm Beach School for Autism is to provide innovative education and behavioral support to empower individuals with autism. Their Vision is that all individuals with autism are able to lead fulfilling lives.

Dr. Maule is an avid supporter of the school, and serves on the Host Committee as well. Our Purpose Statement: The Host Committee exists to provide our school with the financial resources needed to sustain a safe and nurturing environment, to engage and empower our families, and to ensure a secure, productive and happy future for our children.

OneSight: Is an independent nonprofit committed to eradicating the global vision care crisis in our lifetime. Since 1988, OneSight has helped over 9 million people in 46 countries. Together with donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors, OneSight brings eye exams, glasses and permanent vision centers to the individuals and places that need eye care the most.

Our office is proud to participate in regular OneSight events such as OneDay, an annual event where each LensCrafters location provides free eye exams and glasses to a local group.

Dr. Maule participates in OneSight’s state of the art mobile vision center

The 2014 Vision Van program provided free vision care and eyewear to thousands of students across 15 States. EyeLeen is equipped with two exam lanes as well as an onboard lab and is staffed by volunteer doctors, opticians and lab technicians. During Vision Van Clinics, students received a vision exam as well as glasses at no charge. The majority of prescriptions are able to be manufactured onboard EyeLeen, ensuring students immediately receive the quality glasses they need and deserve to see and learn their best.

These images are from EyeLeen’s December 2014 trip to Palm Beach County, and she was retired after this last visit.